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I do not define myself as an artist with one specific role. I'm not simply a music producer, photographer / videographer or visual creator, I'm all of them.

I am an artist.


I create all different types of art under my brand and forge an experience by combining them into one. Even on huge projects in the future such as live shows, clothing, collective building, I will need to outsource a team, but I will always be part of the entire creative process. The idea is to incorporate new technologies into innovative ways. I strive to create a musical, visual and live show experience that has never been seen before, one that comes from me. 


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I empower artists like myself to follow their passions by providing them a platform and family that makes them feel inspired and part of something greater. I do that by living the artist lifestyle and creating the art I want to create, when I  want to create it. Therefore, proving that a huge brand project can be done without big budgets or teams. The result is a multi-sense experience that you’ve never seen or heard before.


I’ve been asked countless times where the name FISE comes from, if it means anything. Throughout my life, every creative outlet I took on, whether it was music, visuals, photography, videography, etc, all have the Golden Ratio, or better known as the Fibonacci Sequence, some how applied to them. I always felt like the Fibonacci Sequence and I have a connection, it keeps coming back to me, almost like if it’s calling me. I believe FISE (The Fibonacci Sequence) has actually helped me a lot  throughout my life and creative process. Therefore, I decided to give it the recognition it deserves.


I simply took the first 2 letters of each words and put them together. Although I understand the mathematical formula behind the Fibonacci Sequence, I don’t understand the deeper meaning of it. This is exactly why I chose to use FISE as my artistic name. My creativity stops when I over think what everything means, or when I think if what I’m doing is “correct” or not. My lack of understanding the Fibonacci Sequence, is a reminder to myself that I don’t need to understand what I’m doing, instead to follow my intuition and do what feels right at every moment.


Growing up in a small town outside of Montreal, while doing homeschooling, I spent most of my time alone. I had a fascination with the idea of creating things from the ground up, to build things in a way no one had done before. Whether it was legos or computers, building them without instructions, finding a new way of doing things became a passion. 


By the time I was 9, my family and I left everything behind and made the move to an entirely new country, Panama. Here I would spend the rest of my childhood and teenage years. I continued doing homeschooling for the most part. If I thought I spent a lot of time alone before, I spent even more time alone after the move to Panama. Things were hard growing up in a country where you stand out and barely speak the language. Music became what it is to many others, my escape and way to express the way I feel.  Although growing up in foreign country was hard, I wouldn't be where I am in my career and life without the move to Panama. 


My fascination with building things continued, except it remained in the computer world for the moment, building websites and custom rigs. Around the age of 14, I got introduced to electronic dance music, and feel in love. I began DJing, and received residencies in some of the most high-class clubs in Panama City. This was when being a kid that stood out in a country became an advantage. Although I enjoyed DJing, it wasn't really what I wanted to do. Until I figured out I could make the music I was playing myself, from the ground up. 


In 2017, I attended Icon Collective, which I was later awarded Student of the Year. Once I was able to create my own music, I'd listen to it and would feel like something was missing about the experience. I went to a few EDM shows and later remembered the feeling I had at those shows. I asked myself, what was it about those shows that made me feel that way. The answer I came up with, was that it wasn't only the music, but also the visuals that made the experience come together. Therefore, I also started learning how to make my own visuals, from the ground up.


My love for building things from scratch, and my love for music and art has combined into one. Now, I create an experience like I've never seen any other artist do before and the entire experience comes from within me. I am very proud of what I have built so far. For the future, I plan to add more creative layers to my brand and expand on the experience. A live show experience, collective and clothing line is not far off in the future.